Saturday, July 21, 2012

አሁንም ቤተክህነቱ ዋልድባ አልተነካም ይላል

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  1. It is shame for the so called pope Paul!
    The name is far more the actual person in charge As we all know the recalled St. Paul who was a Judaism follower became light and shine to us to our religion (church) by all his teachings.

  2. Selam lenante yehune wogenoche ke abba Paulos sele waldiba Gedamachen mine Titebikalachu endfersi kemfeligu wogenoche abba Paulos andu ayedlumoye bezu yehayemanote gudaye melise sayesetu lpoltikaw kidmeya mesitetachew ye Ethiopia Hizibe beankiro new yemeyayew Tarike yefrden egna gine Enberta ayzone Gobze.Egziabher Ethiopian Yebarikele amen.

  3. Ygerma !!!!!!!!!!!! Amlak hoy ante temelket!

  4. Ygemal!!!!!!!! Amlakachen ante temelketen !!!

  5. Sijemer Aba pawlos eko egziabher bemifekdew menged aydelem papas yehonut silezih
    what do you expect?

  6. I am afraid of the writer of the Head of the church not only the massage but also spelling and grammar error. They wrote like what they talk Amharic, AYI LIKAWITI ALEKUNA CHEWA YACHEMALIKEWE JEMERI!
    Now the days seems counting down to through this corrupted pseudo-pope. I wish God will give you the heart to confess your sin and realize the truth.
    God Bless Ethiopia and EOTC.